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Warranty & Registration

Warranty & Registration

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Convertible Tops - made out of American vinyl materials carry a 72 month warranty when installed on power operated frames and 24 months on manually operated frames. Tops with built-in glass or vinyl back windows made in Stayfast, Topline or Sonnenland materials, carry a 48 month warranty on both power and manually operated frames.

Glass window assemblies - carry a 60 month warranty against delamination of the bond between the glass and the material.

All warranties - stated herein are not transferable and only apply to the original purchaser’s vehicle on which the product was installed. Installation of an Electron Top product constitutes acceptance of its warranty.

Should a Top or Glass Assembly Prove Defective - within the first 12 months, the product will be replaced. After the first year we will prorate the item. We reserve the right to request photographs of the installation prior to removal. Failure of the glass bond constitutes a warranty and replacement of the glass assembly without being prorated. Replacement of a product does not extend the original warranty of the item being replaced. Electron Top will be held harmless for any loss of time, revenue or consequential damages from the use of its products. Our registration number must be present on the label.

Electron Top’s warranty covers the following:
* Delamination or failure of heat seals.
* Excessive shrinkage over 4%.
* Delamination of the bond between the glass and the material for 60 months to the original purchaser.
* Bad or cut stitching, or any other visible damage before installation has started.
* Flows, mars or pits in vinyl materials before installation has started.
* Zippers, fasteners, hardware or plastic parts before installation has started.
* Gross weave problems in canvas (small ones are acceptable by OEM).
* Major glass distortions before installation has started.

Electron Top is unable to warranty any product due to or for the following conditions:

* Acts of God or vandalism.
* Bad frame design, misaligned or malfunctioning frames.
* Wear, pinch holes, fading or shrinkage of material under 4%.
* Visible flaws, tears, blemishes, cut stitches or other noticeable faults after the start of installation.
* Altering any Electron Top product in any manner without our written consent including window tinting.
* Accident, misuse, negligence or bad installation.
* Use for other than private usage (commercial or rental).
* Broken or cracked glass, bad defroster lines and/or tabs after the start of installation.
* Vinyl windows after the start of its installation.
* Zippers, fasteners, hardware or plastic parts after the start of installation.
* Installation by other than a professional upholstery shop.
* The use of any citrus, petroleum or abrasive cleaners not recommended by the manufacturers of the material.
* Returns damaged by improper repacking.
* Products not manufactured by Electron Top.
* Shade differences due to unavoidable pattern directional layouts.
* Electron Top “Classic Top” label has been removed.
* Installation of any non O.E.M. accessory or conversion.

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